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What Should You Do If Your Roof Is Damaged In A Storm?

Rain Water Falling From a Metal Roof

Learn More About Roof Storm Damages

Storms can cause damage in pretty much any location in the country. Every area on the map experiences storms now and then, and they can be very different in terms of severity. However, even a small storm can harm your roof and property, so it is important to pay attention to your roof and its condition regularly. You should survey all the roof storm damage, if possible and contact a residential roofer to get the help you need. Anyone in the area of Tyler, TX can contact Superior Roofing for assistance with storm damage roof repair.

What Causes Roof Damage?

There are a number of things that cause roof damage, and most of them can happen during a storm. These things include flying tree branches, wind gusts, rain causing a leak, or gutters that just aren’t doing their jobs. Even if there isn’t a storm on the horizon, your roof can be damaged because of seams that are no longer sealed or animals messing around on your roof. Other causes are extreme weather conditions and algae or mold issues.

What Do You Do After a Storm?

After a storm, you need to know how much damage you have incurred, if any. The first thing to do is look outside on your roof. It is best if you do not actually get on your roof, but instead look at your roof from the ground. This is the safest place for you. If you see obvious signs that there are sections missing or damaged, you need to call a roofing expert. They will be able to come and give you a definitive answer to the damage and can help you contact your insurance company, in many situations.

Signs of Storm Damage to a Roof

Here are some of the things you can look for when you are wondering if there is storm damage to my roof.

  • Shingles that are missing the coating or have rips
  • All the shingles don’t look the same
  • You see areas with no shingles
  • Other materials are missing from the roof
  • You see any small holes

There are many signs to look out for, which can give you an inkling that something is wrong. The most obvious of these is debris from the roof scattered around your yard or in your gutters. This includes the shingles, the coatings, which are sometimes called granules, and other parts of the roof, like flashings.

How Do I Know If My Roof Has Wind Damage?

If your roof has suffered from wind damage, you will likely have some of the same signs that are listed above. The wind is present in many storms and responsible for much of the damage houses suffer from during storms. The most common thing would be missing or torn shingles, especially if you noticed they were there the day before.

Is Roof Damage Covered by Insurance?

Your insurance company should look at any roof damaged by a storm. There are many types of damage your insurance policy will possibly cover in the event of roof storm damage, including damages caused by a tree, wind, and other things. It is important to read your policy, so you’ll know the specifics of your coverage. You should also know the amount that your policy covers. If you don’t want to navigate the process yourself, you can ask a roofer to assist you with your storm damaged roof claim, so you’ll know it is handled properly.

Woman Holding Bucket While Water Droplets Leak From Ceiling in Kitchen

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Your Roof?

If you don’t replace your roof after a storm has damaged it, you may be asking for a headache in the future. For instance, if your insurance company finds out that you didn’t make repairs when you were supposed to, they may void your policy or refuse to cover a subsequent claim. This would mean you have to pay out-of-pocket for a large and expensive repair. No one wants that. It will cost even more for an emergency roof repair, which would be a necessity if a large problem went unrepaired for too long. Another way to think about it would be in regard to AC maintenance. If you knew your air conditioner was going out and did nothing to fix or maintain it, you would be responsible when it went out and stopped working. This is why it is very imperative to get roof storm damage fixed as soon as possible.

Rely On Your Local Roofers For Help

All residents that need assistance with roof storm damage in Tyler, TX and the surrounding areas are welcome to give us a call at 903-597-1111 with Superior Roofing when you need roof storm damage repaired. We have been doing repairs of this type for many years and have the answers you are looking for. We will help you file insurance claims, aid you in the process, and make sure that your roof stays looking good for years to come. We offer fair prices and excellent service!